Meanwhile EP

by Kid Pony

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Thanks for checking this site out! Your interest means a lot; hope you enjoy. -Evan


released January 14, 2014

Evan Perry - Instruments, Vocals

Featuring: Adam Danis - Drums

Andy Catlin - Engineer
Ben Lau - Engineer, Edits, Mix
Scott Perry - Visuals, Brotherhood

'Meanwhile' was recorded at Double Phelix in Kalamazoo, Michigan from the fall of 2012 through much of 2013.



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Kid Pony Michigan

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Track Name: Last Word & If She Feels Like It
I wanted just one last stare
But more I needed one thing that would make me
Forget my hands in her hair
And misremember those things that would sate me

I wanted just one reason
To curse her name and rescind my poetry
For every line that she penned
Meant my mistaking come-ons and stone cold coquetry

She's all mine and she's all mind...

I wanted just one last word
To bite my tongue and lie through my tattling teeth
To promise her that I'm sure
My semblance is the same as my feelings underneath

She's all mine and she's all mind...

Before I even held her
She's slipping through my arms
If she feels like leaving me
She's already gone

I know that she is wavering
I've had her all along
If she feels like leaving me
I'm already wrong

Careful, chary, do be weary
Lean but do not fall
Heels below head I'll try instead
To fix some flaw

Every touch seemed telling
All the sighs were there
If she feels like loving me
I already care

Then I whispered to her
That I'm not one to share
If she feels like loving me
I've already dared

Prudent, patient, turn your gaze and
Take but do not give
No gripe, no grin when she leaned in
To taste my lips

I could not even tell her
I faltered when I tried
If she feels like leaving me
I've already died
Track Name: A Mantra
Dig my tomb and comfort me
Lay me down lightly and lie lazily
By my side and by my heel
I'll give them hell until I feel

Like some spirit
Took control
Is it good just to wonder
What I'll undergo
And what it is I'm fated for?

Rig the ruse and cajole me
Pity our fingers and my family
Should get by despite our keel
I'll be well until I feel

Like some snake is
Taking hold
Is it good just to wonder
When I'll grow old
And what is it I'm waiting for?

Lick my wounds and let me be
Leave me for dead and be relieved
I'll follow in his footsteps even if I feel
Forsook and frightened when it's all real

Like I'm stuck out
In the cold
Is it good just wonder
When I'll unfold?
Track Name: That Was Then
I know now
What I did not
My wide eyes spied
Your somatic side
And it implied

Some new-found
Unending thought
By and by I'd
Make that siren mine
At any price

That was then
Now I'm not one to rue illusions
Or pretend I'm lost in long ago
What I thought never could be so

I'm old now
Or so I'm taught
Never mind my
Day-dreaming designs
And my short sight

Then again
Now I'm not one to choose seclusion
Or portend I'll ever cease to care
What I thought will always be there

Can I condone?
Track Name: To Tell
I could confide
I could deny
I could confide
But then I'd deviate

What to disguise?
What to elide?
I could defy reason and
Make myself say

All the oaths I owe to you
Every word you want me to
Yet the invitation turns me over
I'm keen to turn to you
Won't you tell me?

You would rely
Upon a line
You'd be all mine
Despite my masquerade

What to belie?
What to imply?
I could comply if just for
Something to say

All I need to delude you
Is to say the words you want me to
Don't you tell me

Don't you tell

Tell me I am
Toeing the line
Tell me to what
And tell in time